Emerald Coast

ReRuns 4 Wee Ones Parking Lot Community Sale

  • When: Saturday, November 10, 2018,  7:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Location: ReRuns 4 Wee Ones 133 S John Sims Pkwy Unit C, Valparaiso, Florida 32580
  • Cost: FREE

Our Parking Lot Community Sale is the street party you’ve been waiting for! A brilliant mix of yard sales and vendor businesses.
Includes everything you’ll need to have your items shopped by MANY. You’ll feel the excitement whether you’re selling items from your house, representing your business, or making connections in our community!

Dear go-getter, ‘gurus and experts’, home business builder, yard sale fanatic, entrepreneur, direct sales professional, ministry worker and anyone else who wants BIG exposure in Okaloosa County.

Are you ready to UP-level your business? Maybe you just have a lot of ‘things to sell’ laying around the house… we’re talking to you too!! You need your yard sale or a day spent on your business to be profitable, right? No one wants to waste their efforts. The Parking Lot Community Sale is for you! We had over 300 people attend this same event in March and results for our vendors were huge because of that.

Isn’t it time for your items to be shopped by 300 people? Get out of your driveway (yard salers). To my business owners attending low attendance expos - just stop! This is my exact mindset when it comes to saying ‘yes’ to any marketing event for ReRuns 4 Wee Ones. A hope and a prayer were NOT enough for me when I knew we needed potential buyers -- and a lot of them!

Since the first Parking Lot Sale in 2013 with 17 vendors, I have not only tripled my business but I’ve grown this annual event by more then half. With 50 spaces filled in March 2018 we have decided to add our fenced in back lot to the game!! A kids arena is just what we need for an extra layer of fun for our families. I’m bringing together my ReRuns community, Okaloosa County, and you of course to create a street party like you’ve never seen before!


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